Hey all,
A quick update. I opted not to fly back into Bangkok (though I had an option to fly into a military base 150 km east of the city) and instead I’m flying into Kuala Lumpur in a few hours and taking a train up into Thailand. I had a nice 4 hour train journey in India (I’ll write about stuff in more detail when I get a second…) which inspired this journey – I’m aiming for the ‘Jungle Train’… No, not a dancefloor move, it’s a train along the eastern part of the Malay Isthmus. Don’t know much more than that except that I’ll have some layovers here and there so I’ll see some of Malaysia?

The plan after that is to head up to Bangkok, immediately north into Thailand and hopefully rent a bicycle for a 2 week tour up there… That’s the plan anyway.

I hope all are well.
I’ll try to get some words and pics up soon.