Hey All,
A quick update from a slow internet connection in a fairly remote and beautiful part of Laos. I’m at Tadlo, a beautiful little traveller’s outpost in Southern Laos for day. It’s a town built around a few waterfalls and with a nice little group of international travellers. Today to celebrate Christmas in traditional Grieshop style, I swam in two of the waterfalls (including a natural waterslide) and watched an elephant have a bath! Pretty great, but I do miss my family and friends and wish I could enjoy that part of the holidays.
Before this, I spent a few days in Vientienne, the Laotian Capital, then took an overnight sleeper bus (a first) south through the country to the city where I’ll cross back into Thailand in a few days to start my Eastward trip back to Vancouver. I’m doing a little couple-hundred km bike loop up onto this very pretty plateau, where the coffee in Lao is grown and where there are plentiful waterfalls and really friendly, mellow people (like everywhere in Laos, but maybe even more so…). I fly to Japan on the 30th, so the trip is almost over. I’ll try to post some photos from the past several weeks when I get back into Bangkok and have my computer back. I hope all are having a great holiday with family and friends. Virtual bear hugs to all.